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Mosquito Control of Michigan, Inc. is a Michigan based company located in Southeastern Michigan. We proudly serve Livingston, Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, St. Clair, Washtenaw and Wayne counties. We offer backyard mosquito control services for residential, event, commercial and municipal applications. Most applications take only 20 minutes, but if you have a larger property it may take a little longer. Once we are done applying all you need to do is wait 30-45 minutes for the treatment to dry and then you can enjoy it once more. Fortunately our product is not removed by rain. We use an organic elastic film (EnBlock™) that helps protect it from washing away with rain, breaking down with the sun or wearing off by leaves rubbing due to wind. However, if the weather negatively effects your treatment all you need to do is give us a call, and we will return and apply another treatment. If the forecast calls for heavy or consistent rain or high winds that day, we will reschedule to protect the integrity of the application.


Residential Barrier Spray Applications

During mosquito season, which is typically mid-May through mid-October, our staff is on hand to visit your property

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Event Spray Application

Weddings, family reunions, birthday parties – it doesn’t matter what the event is that you are planning; you don’t

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Commercial Spray Applications

With the mosquito problem in Michigan rapidly increasing every year, it is important to make sure

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Municipal Spray Applications

To better protect your neighborhood we provide our services to municipalities and park departments. You can hold

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    Thank You!!!! We are glad we started doing this, has been working GREAT!

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    Your service is AMAZING! If you have anyone that is on the fence you want me to talk to personally, I'm happy to recommend you!

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    I know I've told you before, but you are awesome and we highly recommend your service!!!

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    Your product is one of the best products! We virtually had no mosquitos this year because of your service. Can you please tell me how I can pay for next years service? Please send me an invoice for the entire year and I will be more than happy to pay for it all.
    P.S. If you ever need me to write a testimonial for any of your marketing literature I would be happy to do so.

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    WOW! I'm impressed with your organization. I'll recommend you to my neighbors. Thank you for being so accommodating!

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    I want to complement you and your company on the exemplary customer service. You always stay on top of possible delays and letting us know when to expect your team. Mosquito One reminds me of my team and how we treat our customers.

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    Thank you, we were just saying today it's so nice to be able to enjoy being outdoors without the mosquitos! Best decision we made!