Residential Services

Residential Barrier Spray Applications

During mosquito season, which is typically mid-May through mid-October, our staff is on hand to visit your property on a monthly basis and apply our residential barrier spray application. This treatment is 99.9% effective and will eliminate your mosquito problem. What we do is concentrate on the areas where you spend 95% of your time, the deck, BBQ, pool, around the entire house, shed, kids & pets play areas and the like.

Why do you want to control mosquitoes?? Some people may not even seem to be bothered by them. But if you are one of the many who is miserable when you are attacked by those nasty mosquitoes, there is no question about why – there is only the question of, “How do I get relief?”

You spend your time and hard earned money to keep your backyard looking nice, you deserve to enjoy it Mosquito FREE! Mosquitoes think they run the place, it is your yard and you should be able to enjoy it anytime you want. Keep your family & pets safe from diseases like West Nile & EEE, itch and bite free all season long for one low price!

Our proprietary product contains an EnBlock™ (environmental block) that protect it from the rain, sun and wind. It also helps fight against other pests like ticks & fleas. We come to your property and apply to their favorite spots to hide about every 30 days and you get to enjoy your property without mosquitoes all season long!

Treatments typically take 20 minutes or less and you can go back outside and enjoy your yard as soon as it air dries, normally around 30 minutes! You don’t have to be home and our product is both invisible & odorless. Our goal is your goal, to maintain mosquito control for our customers throughout the mosquito season!